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Star Wars
Mech Robots
Three Kingdoms
Space Exploration
Naval Vessels
Land Vehicles
American Architecture
European Architecture
Asian/Pacific Architecture
Street Scene
Chinese Culture
Musical Instruments
Jewelry / Accessories
Credit where credit is due: a great big THANK YOU to reddit's Traviscat (and the Reddit Metal Earth Model List he's maintained, which has been a great source of information for obscure and limited release models, as well as a place to gather links and sheet counts quickly for the latest update to this list), Instagram's @turcicus (who has clued me in to several of the Disney Parks Exclusives), and the various people who have humored and helped me when I asked them to check on Model Numbers when I've seen that they've posted a build I don't have the number for. This is a great family/community, and I'm glad to be a part of it.